Gov ignores its own evaluations on Learning Support Coordinators, says PPTA

After three evaluation reports of the Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) position and function in schools the government is still ignoring the recommendations.

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Earlier this year, as part of negotiations for a new collective agreement for area school teachers, PPTA Te Wehengarua claimed improvements to pay and conditions, i.e. greater recognition of the roles, for Learning Support Coordinators.

Area schools teach students from Year 1 to through to Year 13 in rural communities of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The most recent evaluation report shows that for Learning Support Coordinators to be more effective there needs to be a leadership role, better professional development, and a career pathway.

Earlier evaluations have pointed out how difficult it can be for Learning Support Coordinators to work across multiple schools, and that there are problems with how well the role is working in Māori medium schools.

“These are points that have been made consistently by PPTA since the role was first introduced in 2020 as well as being raised in negotiations.” says PPTA president Melanie Webber.

“Despite this, the Ministry of Education has provided nothing to resolve issues for Learning Support Coordinators in an offer for settlement of the Area School Teachers’ Collective Agreement received by the PPTA Te Wehengarua today.

“It leaves us wondering what more evidence the government needs?” she said. 

PPTA Te Wehengarua national executive will be consider the offer when it meets on Friday (11 November). Paid union meetings for area school teachers are scheduled for the week of 28 November.

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