Ministry survey of Kāhui Ako begins

The Ministry of Education is to survey all Kāhui Ako between October 25 and November 8 to update the results of its first survey in 2016.

The Ministry says it’s a “great opportunity for Kāhui Ako to help shape policy and influence the ongoing support provided for implementation”. Information will be used to share insights across the system, help inform work on the ground, and assist new Kāhui Ako in their journey. In 2016, a 77 per cent rate was received.

The online survey is voluntary and confidential, and will be managed by Education Technology Ltd on behalf of the Ministry. The survey asks respondents to identify their education service and Kāhui Ako. This is preferable for matching demographic data to answers (such as time in a Kahui Ako, service type, region etc. All demographic data will be anonymised before reaching the Ministry so all answers will remain confidential.

All approved and endorsed Kāhui Ako can expect an email in the coming days inviting their Leaders, appointed across and within teachers, principals, Board of Trustee chairs, early learning me ngā kōhanga reo representatives, and classroom teachers (from a random sample) to participate.

Anna Clements

Anna Clements is the School News print and digital editor. She has a background in journalism spanning more than 25 years across newspapers, magazines and television, and spent six years working as an editorial advisor to a group of ECE centres.
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