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More laughing, fewer tears

SND05-wk1-Sports surfaces-school-turf 300x225Are synthetic turf and low-impact surfaces right for your school?

No lawn to mow, no weather restraints, no puddles or dangerous slippery mud. No more grass-stained clothes and muddy boots. Synthetic turf and multi-purpose sports surfaces are easy-care and practically maintenance free. Not only are these surfaces safe to play on, they are also designed to withstand the brutal impact of school sports and energetic young students for years to come.

Technology has improved the way we live and how we play. Multi-purpose sports surfaces are not just for sporting benefits, but will attract more children towards outdoor activities. So why not consider converting your muddy winter sports field and old, worn asphalt and concrete surfaces to quality all-weather, all-season playing surfaces.

Imagine a child-safe, soft, clean and dry playground – all year round. When students run and fall they won’t end up with bloody knees and scraped elbows. Because of the cushioned multi-layered rubber and non-skid surfaces it’s back up and on the monkey bars and slides, with ore laughing and fewer tears.

We can also help with an insurance claim assessment. With the right approach to a refit, damaged playgrounds, uneven asphalt or cracked concrete, repairs can be cost effective. At the same time you’ll be converting your old and hard surfaces into attractive, safe play, sports areas.

There are many surface and colour options to choose from. Low-impact surfaces can be multi-coloured and lined to facilitate netball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis, cricket and more.

Have you considered lighting? After-school activities and nighttime usability can add value and extend the way you, your students and the community use your sports areas.

Getting the right advice from the start can eliminate costly mistakes. In our experience unscrupulous operators may use cheap and poor-quality materials and cut corners on proper site preparation causing you grief in the near future. Our advice is to look for experienced and specialised companies.

Stratton Sports Courts specialises in schools’ sporting grounds and playgrounds needs – sports surfaces, repairs, fencing, lighting and more.

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