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Prepare for those outdoor occasions

Outdoor EventIt has been a wonderful New Zealand summer and hopefully for the next few weeks, schools will still be holding many outdoor events.

While most are likely to be sports oriented, musical, artistic and a wide range of social occasions are also likely to be popular. Whether the golden weather will last is something we cannot do anything about, but good planning will make a huge difference to the day’s success or failure.

Cups, medals and other awards may well be needed for competitors, and measures must be taken to guard against the effects of excessive sun exposure. The dangers of the cumulative effects of sunburn are now well recognised. Consideration could be given to providing sunscreens or hats to those who turn up ill-prepared. And weather the sun continues to shine or the rain pours down, a place to shelter from the weather would be a very good idea.

Few schools will have adequate tents, marquees or sun shelters of their own, but they can be quite easily hired. Several companies specialise in providing outdoor solutions in the form of portable shade and shelter for use in all aspects of outdoor leisure events. They offer a wide variety of products ranging from massive marquees to very simple sun shades – some of them even inflatable.

The word marquee may well conjure up horrific visions of helpers being hurled about as they try to assemble them or take them down in a blustery wind, but fortunately this is no longer the hazard it once was. Some companies have marquee frames that allow them to collapse down to a very compact cluster, which a couple of people with some idea what they are doing, can achieve in about two minutes. A wide choice is available in colours, sizes, frame types and accessories, and can be delivered to far-flung parts of New Zealand.

Some company executives say their marquees have an ultra-violet protection factor (UPF) rating of 50+ and that as they are now very simple to erect and collapse, they can be shifted to provide shade wherever it is needed throughout the day.

And whether the day turns out to be blazing hot or freezing cold, particpants and guests may well become hungry or thirsty. Providing refreshments might not only be sensible but could be turned into a lucrative opportunity for fundraising as well.

Depending on the type of occasion, thought might need to be given to obtaining awards for the winners of various events, and there are several companies only too willing to help. These awards could include: medals, pin badges, and apparel accessories such as tie bars and belt buckles. Plenty of time should be allowed for design and manufacture.

Gold, silver, bronze and many other plated finishes are often available, or colour and resin added for dramatic effect. Most such companies can take a school’s simple concept and turn them into a full design.

Then, do you have adequate systems for electronic communications and sound delivery?

When you have sorted that out – just hope for good weather!

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