Press print to cut costs and go green!

Photocopier GreenAs large organisations such as schools face increasing pressure to simultaneously reduce costs and embracing document management solutions, installing the right printing solution is vital, says Kyocera’s Nigel Paull.

“Before committing to a printing system, there are several key factors that must be taken into consideration,” Mr Paull says.

“A great starting to point is to examine user behaviour, cost and measurement procedures, budgeting and volume requirements. Understanding the government mandated move to digitisation in the form of a document management system would also beneficial”

“Schools need to partner with companies who ideally have a track record working with the education sector and who understand their unique requirements. Printing solutions should allow you to integrate with third party software providers to control and monitor usage and costs. Seeking a provider who won’t lock you into proprietary software is an important consideration,” Mr Paull suggests.

“It’s also economical and efficient to source print solutions that allow you to track and recover student and staff print costs, by faculty or department to protect your budget and minimise waste. Modern cost control systems allow not only print monitoring but also document management integration that is both affordable and efficient. “

“It’s no longer enough for printers to copy, print and fax. New generation document management solutions support multi-function capabilities that facilitate school-wide information sharing, maximise resource utilisation and strengthen security at every stage of the document lifecycle.”


HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) teams with third party providers to turn otherwise complex workflows into simple processes.

Software Solutions

“HyPAS technology allows for embedded integration directly with major third party ‘money saving’ programs. These solutions are vendor agnostic so you won’t be locked in to a specific supplier,” explains Mr Paull.

Tiered billing

Why should you pay the same rate for printing a letterhead as a full colour? Advanced technology has seen the evolution of tiered billing systems that have revolutionised the way you pay for printing.

“There is a select colour range of multifunctional devices which calculate colour print costs based on your actual colour toner usage per page,” advises Mr Paull. “This allows you to print more monochrome documents with company logos in colour, such as letterheads and invoices, at a fraction of the normal cost, which can result in significant monthly savings”

Keeping it green and clean

Printing systems, if not managed properly can have hidden costs which add up. Having the right devices for the right job is paramount as is choosing equipment which provides a good total cost of ownership (TCO) over its useful life.

Schools looking to reduce waste and improve efficiency can do so with print solutions that balance economic development with environmental preservation. From materials procurement and manufacturing, to distribution and usage, through to disposal and recycling, there are now printing systems that are leading the way in the path to sustainability.

Software apps tailored for your needs

Document management: Increased office productivity and information security, plus address compliance mandates

Network and device management: Centralised system monitoring maximum device uptime, and automated routine tasks

Cloud and mobile technologies: Leveraged wireless investment, faster communication, plus 24/7 support

Workflow management: Optimised processes, and streamlined information sharing.

Output management: Dynamic variable data solutions, reduced costs by eliminating the need to purchase and store pre-printed forms

Cost control and security: Prevent unrestricted access, improved accountability and support compliance initiatives

In Summary

Copier and printers are no longer just ‘remote devices’ they play a vital part in a schools document production, management and distribution of information whether it be printed or scanned.

Schools looking to upgrade their existing copiers and printers need to partner with companies who offer complete solutions encompassing cost control and document management as well as the traditional printing and copying story.

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