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Telecom encourages technological creativity in schools

Amazing Ideas Search copyCreativity is the word on everybody’s lips lately when it comes to technology and Telecom in particular is doing plenty to energise the discussion.

Recently launching a spectacular new search to encourage creativity in schools, the Telecom ‘Amazing Ideas Search’ has come following the sweeping rollout of ultra-fast broadband. Undoubtedly, the prevalence of such high quality internet will change the lives of New Zealanders, but the potential it brings is almost unimaginable. This is where the new search comes in: Telecom is asking schools to present their ‘Amazing Ideas’ about what is possible with ultra fast broadband (UFB) in exchange for cash prizes and a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

The government is spending a colossal $1.5 billion on constructing a seamless UFB infrastructure over the next ten years. Business, school and health services will be the first to benefit, with a Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI) simultaneously improving coverage in remote parts of the country. This is an incredibly exciting new step for New Zealand and Telecom is offering Kiwi schools the chance to capitalise on the potential benefits.

According to Telecom’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Paris, “The rollout of UFB and the RBI is exciting for New Zealanders as we move towards a new generation of connectivity. Understanding what will be possible in the future is part of the journey, so we’re asking the next generation of leaders for their thoughts, ideas and dreams”.

Running from July 16, the first day of third term to September 28, the last, the competition is open to all schools nationwide and teachers are strongly encouraged to feature the competition in their classrooms. There are ten cash prizes, $2000 a piece, which will be presented to the ten winning schools as chosen by a panel of judges. Five winning ideas will come from primary/intermediate students and five will come from secondary students. All the prize money could go towards a range of technological advancement in the schools, in terms of products and services.

Three Samsung Galaxy Tablets will also be presented to three individual students, drawn from the total number of entries, all of which will come to be shortlisted by Telecom and winners then chosen by the judging panel. Winners can expect to be notified before October 19, 2012, giving everybody plenty of time to get excited!

Whether ideas come about by individual students, groups, or whole classrooms, any idea is welcome as long as a teacher submits the entry and it has the upcoming UFB technology at its core. The scope for astonishing ideas is as vast as the internet itself, they can be about learning, the way hospitals or other public services operate, the way business is approached, online entertainment, environmental benefits, anything at all! The best part is that nobody needs to worry about inventing the next big social network – it’s all about having fun with technology and thinking outside the box.

Enter as many ideas as you like! Go wild, dream big and think about what you and your community would most like to gain from super efficient internet. This is a development that will effect everyone, enrich the lives of New Zealanders everywhere and with these generous prizes, this competition is the first of many golden opportunities resulting from UFB and RBI. The all famous All Blacks have even launched into the spirit of the occasion, offering their idea of an online, 3D game of rugby that connects players anywhere in the country!

Simply get online to enter the ‘Amazing Ideas Search’: post a video on YouTube or Vimeo that runs for no longer than five minutes and send the video link Telecom via their website, write to Telecom, describing your idea in less than 3000 characters, or send Telecom a poster depicting your idea before 4pm, Friday the 28th September. It couldn’t be easier and it couldn’t be more exciting, so make sure your school doesn’t miss out and get brainstorming!

By Rosie Clarke

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