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Hygiene vital in school toilets

washroom hygieneToilet blocks are a vital component of your school, with the health and safety 

of students and staff dependent on clean, hygienic toilet areas.

Fortunately, there is a range of dependable solutions, products and cleaning services that can ensure a pleasant experience every time.

Toilet areas outfitted with high-grade materials and technologies can serve as an indication of your school’s commitment to staff and student health and well-being.

Some of the areas to be aware of include:

Hand washing and drying

No-touch hand washing and hand drying is essential to good hygiene. Touch-free soap dispensers, tap controls and hand dryers provide users with a greater level of hygiene.

If you do maintain a paper towel system it should also be no touch and have an efficient repository for disposal of used paper.

The safest method of hand drying is when sensors are used for pleasant no-contact operation. When users hold their hands under a unit, an efficient stream of air starts automatically and drying times are just three to five seconds.

Odour control

Evil smells and toilet blocks are, regrettably, synonymous but it does not have to be that way. Silent operating air fresheners with smart built-in technology to eliminate odours and unpleasant smells are available and include motion-activated systems that are highly energy efficient. There are also a wide range of air fresheners that keep these areas fresh and welcoming with pleasant fragrances but care needs to be taken when selecting these as many just temporarily mask odours.

Toilet hygiene

Sanitising solutions reduce the risks of cross-contamination by treating the surfaces of the toilet and cubicle where bacteria are known to thrive.

Disposable toilet seat cleaners, seat sprays and toilet seat wipes, will combat these common toilet hygiene issues. Sanitisers offer protection against deposits and lime scale for urinals and toilet bowls. Highly efficient features such as high-pressure ‘tornado’ flushes ensure even more hygiene and cleanliness in the toilet.

Door controls

Many washrooms that provide totally hygienic conditions within the area forget that users need to get in and out. Door handles and touch pads harbour germs and these can be avoided by automatic doors or by simple two-way swing doors that eliminate the need to hand touch.

Feminine hygiene

Discreet, quality sanitary bins allow for safe disposal of feminine hygiene items and a hygienic sanitary disposal is essential. Odour-controlling granules in the units also inhibit the growth of bacteria while deodorising. Some units incorporate a powerful sterilising vapour that destroys infectious germs and eliminates unpleasant odours.

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