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Bringing a new level of smart to the classroom invariably brings a new level of enthusiasm and engagement. When Torbay School saw the potential of integrating the latest smart teaching tech to their setting, they acted upon it and haven’t looked back.


Graeme Durham recently delighted in showcasing the Epson EB-1485Fi model, which was a very welcome new addition to the primary school on Auckland’s North Shore. “This model is Epson’s top of the line interactive projector for education or corporate applications. I call them ‘managing director-friendly’! We’re trying to show educators how this technology can be used as a multi-purpose teaching tool to enhance learning,” says Graeme.

“We want to demonstrate how a teacher can use this to achieve various outcomes; make workloads easier, engage students and create a bigger impact.”

The projector is multi-purpose and can be used in interactive or non-interactive modes. “With a flat panel TV, for example, if you have 20-30 children all gathered around, they can’t all see what the teacher is presenting. That’s not the case with the projector; it has a much bigger scope, as well as a number of ways it can be used to enhance teaching and learning and make life in the classroom easier.


“Projectors are not what they used to be! At Torbay, they’ve got the projector that teachers and students can interact with, in such a way you would with an electronic whiteboard; you can annotate on top of it, print out from it, have multiple pages open and scroll through, and much more. They are very, very clever tools!”

Graeme says school feedback has been hugely positive. “The response from the school has been really, really good. And we hope this prompts other schools to consider such smart projector technology. We want to illustrate what an asset this technology can be to a school and how much it can help teachers as well as students.”

Bigger is always better for classroom displays and projectors are the most cost-effective way to achieve a large image.

“Projecting at around 100 inches is ideal,” says Graeme. “Content can be projected onto existing whiteboards or other surfaces – the bigger the better! In many ways, it really does help schools see a new, bigger picture!”

The new smart classroom technology fits well with the school’s smart new look – an impressive, vast building opened in June, housing 12 new classrooms. And the school received a special video message from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to mark the occasion. It now moves onto stage two of its redevelopment, which will include finishing groundwork around the new building, removal of old classrooms, moving the playground, creating a new parking area and new gardens.

As Torbay School embarks on Term 3 and beyond, Epson tech will ensure that, in line with their school motto, they’re ‘flying high, learning for success,’ like never before.

Lead technology teacher at Torbay School, Jennifer Dawe is a convert; she feels there’s a lot to love about the new tech. “We have loved having the Epson interactive projector in our school. We love the size of the projection and how clear and easy it is to see. The kids enjoy interacting with it, using pens to add ideas to brainstorms and to share their learning.”

It brings more flexibility – and more fun – to the classroom, says Jennifer. “I love how we can use any software with it. It’s fast to start up and helps us to make our teaching more hands on and interactive, keeping our students engaged and excited about their learning.

“It’s so great that we can screenshot things we annotate, save that to a USB and then later re-open or print it for students to use.”

Graeme says, via our reseller partners, Epson is proud to have worked alongside such schools as Whangarei Boys’ High and St Peter’s School, Cambridge in installing their latest smart tech into classrooms in secondary school settings. He’s pleased to see schools beginning to adopt the technology being used in many corporate businesses. He says, “We’re involved with a lot of schools where the principal or teachers have been exposed to the technology and decide they need it in their schools too! Once you’ve seen or experienced what’s out there, it’s hard not to want it for your school too.”   

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