NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi Road Safety Education Portal

Dawn Pollard, Senior Education Advisor, explains how teachers and educators can find resources to provide curriculum linked road safety education for students.

Why road safety education?

Effective road safety education helps students contribute to everyone’s safety over the long term. NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi promotes a whole school approach that includes school community partnerships, the school ethos and organisation, and the school curriculum. Children, family and whānau, teachers and other agencies are all involved.

What is the Education Portal?

The NZTA Education Portal is a website with free education resources that can be used by primary and secondary school teachers to teach road safety education as part of their local school curriculum.

Teachers and schools will find quality, context-driven, lesson plans aligned to the New Zealand curriculum. Te reo Māori resources are available to support road safety education for kura and whānau.

As well as teaching resources, you’ll find:

  • information for senior leaders and boards to support road safety practices such as school patrols
  • road safety tips for students and families
  • interviews with local police school community officers
  • resources for setting up a walking school bus or school travel plan
  • access to exclusive road safety education webinars
  • research on best practice road safety education.

Teacher resources

Senior curriculum resources

Find free lesson plans for Years 9-13 written by teachers and educators. These plans align safe travel contexts to New Zealand Curriculum learning areas and includes NCEA assessment resources. Resources offer a range of curriculum areas, including Health, PE, Maths, Science and English.

Primary curriculum resources

In this section there are flexible context-driven lesson plans that support student inquiry and curriculum integration. With a number of education plans, road and rail safety education can be integrated into your local school curriculum in a meaningful way.

Actions to accompany Stop Look Listen and Think, The Rail Safety song available on the NZTA Education Portal

Te reo Māori resources

This section highlights education plans, posters and other resources in te reo Māori to support road safety education for kura and whānau around Aotearoa. It includes our newest resource, a road patrol training video in te reo Māori.

Coordinator Resources

Road safety and school travel coordinators can share and use these resources with their local schools. It includes shorter bite sized activities that can be adapted for different year groups including scooter, car park and bus safety resources.

Case studies

This section highlights resources in action, allowing you to see how other teachers have used the unit plans in the classroom. This will give you tips and tricks on how you can use the resources in your own school.

Video of the trial of the Safe speeds around schools education resource available on the NZTA Education Portal

Guidelines and research

Find practical information on how schools can assess road safety education, plus research findings and thought leadership. Road safety education in New Zealand schools is guided by evidence about best practice, and supported by agencies including NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi, the New Zealand Police and local councils.

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