Case Study: Teamturf playground renovation

Teamturf explains how they renovated Baverstock Oaks School's junior playground surface with tidy, bright and attractive new flooring.

When Baverstock Oaks School was looking to revitalise their junior school playground, Associate Principal Andrew Flanagan sought the advice of Teamturf, a company he knew and trusted from a previous project.

Located in Flatbush Auckland, Baverstock Oaks School has around 695 pupils across Years 1 to 6.

Both the junior and senior playgrounds at the school were in need of an upgrade. The playgrounds had existing plastic tiles that were hard, uneven and unforgiving resulting in safety concerns.

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Following a successful renovation of the senior playground in 2023, the school again engaged Teamturf to upgrade the junior playground, which was completed early this year. The school opted for a brighter more vibrant artificial turf surface to appeal to the younger children this playground catered for. Two different tones of blue were chosen from Teamturf’s coloured COOLplay®  turf range to complete the project.

Baverstock Oak School junior playground prior to resurfacing. Image: Supplied by Teamturf.

The school decided to uplift the old blue tiles themselves, with Teamturf undertaking the more challenging task of removing the black rubber underlay. Once the old surfacing was removed, the area was relevelled, new timber edging installed, and the new turf installed.

Mr Flanagan said the new surface is great! “From my point of view, there has been increased use of the play equipment as a result of the new surfacing, but more interestingly, increased use of the play surface itself for cartwheels and other gymnastic play.”

The change to artificial grass eliminates the need for constant maintenance and repairs. The school will not have to worry about cracks, uneven surfaces, or the need for repainting. Artificial grass requires minimal upkeep, ensuring a consistently clean and tidy playground for years to come.

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