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Keeping schools in the game with electronic scoreboards

We explore key features, designs & capabilities of electronic scoreboards to enhance your school's sporting facilities, PE lessons and more.

Electronic scoreboards are becoming essential for all school sports halls, fields and courts.

These high-tech, professional looking devices not only enhance the overall sporting experience but also serve various vital functions that contribute to the development of young athletes, the engagement of spectators, and the efficient management of sports events.

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While the importance of school sport has long been recognised, a recent study led by University of Queensland researchers has found children who regularly participate in sports from an early age have better long-term mental health.                                                                                                  

Associate Professor Asad Khan from UQ’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences led the study, which analysed the data of more than 4200 Australian children over an eight-year period from the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.

“Consistent participation in sports from childhood is associated with better mental wellbeing amongst adolescents,” Dr Khan said. “We found there was a positive impact on mental health regardless of the type of sport, however children who played in a team experienced greater benefit.

“This could be due to the social aspects involved such as being surrounded by supportive peers, opportunities to form friendships, and working towards a collaborative goal.”

Electronic scoreboards can reinvigorate and encourage a love of sport for students.

For student-athletes, electronic scoreboards could serve as a powerful motivational tool. The visibility of scores and statistics on a large, well-lit screen can inspire players to perform at their best. Knowing that their achievements are being proudly displayed for teammates, coaches, and fans can boost confidence and encourage young athletes to excel.

Electronic scoreboards can also play a pivotal role in enhancing spectator engagement during school sports events. These digital displays help captivate the audience, allowing them to stay informed and engaged throughout the game. This heightened engagement not only boosts school spirit but could also encourage increased attendance at sporting events, generating vital support for student-athletes.

Installation of an electronic scoreboard can enhance the desirability and usability of your school sports hall or court. A professional looking scoreboard demonstrates to students the school’s commitment to their sporting endeavours, and its willingness to invest in the tools to ensure students can excel. An electronic scoreboard may also make your school a desirable venue for inter-school sporting events, and as a place for training or games for local sporting teams.

Electronic scoreboard
Image supplied by WiPath Communications

Inclusivity and accessibility are also facilitated by electronic scoreboards. They can help cater to visually impaired individuals through the use of customisable font sizes and colours. For those with hearing impairments, the need to listen for announcements on game play is removed when a digital scoreboard displays progress reports. Scoreboards may also prove useful in communicating a message in a variety of languages to cater for your school’s distinct community.

Modern scorekeeping solutions can be easily adapted to various sporting codes, ensuring they are suitable for a wide range of sporting activities within the school. Electronic scoreboards on portable stands further enhance this adaptability. With these stands, schools can effortlessly relocate electronic scoreboards between different sporting grounds, or indoor and outdoor venues as required.

This flexibility is particularly valuable for schools with limited resources or multiple sports facilities. It ensures that the benefits of electronic scoreboards can be maximised across various athletic events and sporting codes, contributing to a more dynamic and engaging sports environment within the school community.

While the benefits of electronic scoreboards for school sport are clear, they can also prove useful during class PE lessons. Score can be kept during friendly in-class competitions, or countdown timers could be used during activities requiring timed intervals.

Incorporating school logos and colours into the design of scoreboards can provide a constant visual reminder to students of the school’s mottos or values. This can help instil a sense of pride, and engagement in school activities. The adaptability and versatility of modern scoreboard solutions mean that displayed images and messages can be customised to suit a school’s requirements. School sponsors, outstanding individual achievements, or reminders to leave the school grounds safely at the conclusion of an event can all be displayed on an electronic scoreboard.

electronic scoreboard
Image supplied by WiPath Communications

Walid Hadi, Managing Director at WiPath Communications said the most important consideration when purchasing an electronic scoreboard is selecting the right supplier. “Find out how long have they been in business, what warranties they supply, and what technical expertise they have. Electronic signage, like scoreboards, are highly technical, requiring multiple engineering skills.  Sales and marketing skills may get a company going but will not sustain it when the technical problems arise.

“The trend in electronic scoreboards is towards full matrix digital displays which use the same technology as the latest electronic school signs, stadium displays and electronic billboards. Higher resolutions provide very crisp high-definition graphical capabilities including, with the right controllers, video playback, and provide additional opportunities for messaging, advertising, and sponsor messages,” Mr Hadi said.

“Layouts are controlled by software and customisable, allowing them to be used for different sports. All displays are full colour and very high brightness allowing them to be viewed in full sunlight. 

“Scoreboard design is modular so size is generally a factor of viewing distance and budget.  Because viewing distances can be long, for example 100m or more on a cricket oval, we always recommend that the largest scoreboard be chose to fit the budget.

“There are no real restrictions on what can be displayed on the electronic scoreboard or display itself.”

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