International Day of Mathematics

Inspire Your Students with these Maths-Aligned Careers

March 14th is The International Day of Mathematics, also known as Pi Day, because it can be rounded down to 3.14 (geddit?) but for maths lovers – every day is world maths day. Just like decimals, this article does have a point: Inspire your students with these maths-aligned careers. 

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Trigonometry is a sine of the times (obvious maths careers) 

Maths teacher – share your love of numbers with the next generation 

Financial advisor, banker – trying to make money multiply 

Underwriter, mortgage broker – plotting with other people’s money 

Accountant, book-keeper – you can count on them to keep you honest 

Mathematician, statistician – it would be odd not to include them on the list 

Auditors – don’t let people go off on a tangent with their money 

Economist, cost estimator (building industry etc) – for people who don’t like unpredictability or remainders 

Mathematicians never die, they only lose some of their functions (less obvious careers) 

Scientist, physicist, engineer – maths is the base of most sciences 

Software developer, algorithm engineer, computer programmer – all those 0s and 1s need to be told what to do 

Market researcher – find out what people really mean when they go shopping 

Actuary – determine the risks businesses can face in multiple scenarios 

Pharmacy technicians – people are counting on you to get the dosage right 

Architect – you will need geometry and trigonometry and all the metry’s to design buildings that are better than average 

A ‘jiffy’ is a real measurement of time (totally cool careers) 

Research analyst, data analyst – running the numbers in everything from politics to social media trends, universities, not-for-profits, intelligence agencies, sports, betting and more 

Logistics, supply chain manager – manage the (co)efficient flow of goods, services and information 

Cybersecurity expert – an ethical hacker who breaks into systems the right way 

Epidemiologists – solving the mystery of patient zero for outbreaks across the globe 

Pilots – you’d hope your pilot has a basic understanding of angles of climb and descent 

AI developer – creating robots to help solve problems 

Google mapmaker, GIS analyst (Geographic Information System) – you’ll always be plotting something 

Futures forecaster – the future is like Pi, it goes on forever but someone needs to predict it 

Test kitchen cook – you will need to be able to manipulate measurements in order to get the taste right 

Astronomer – for those who believe in higher powers 

Shannon Meyerkort

Shannon Meyerkort is a freelance writer and author of Brilliant Minds: 30 Dyslexic Heroes Who Changed our World, being released by Affirm Press in October 2022.
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