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Who are InterLEAD?

InterLEAD have been providing innovative leadership development and learning opportunities for schools and early childhood education since 2001.


Great schools and great centres are the basis for a great country. But greatness doesn’t just happen: schools and centres need to learn to be great. They need to be provoked into new thinking that leads to change. They need to be designed for learning.


InterLEAD is in the business of helping schools and centres make that shift to learning. We do this by liberating true leadership: providing leaders and their schools and centres with systems and ideas that free them from constraints of current, ineffectual practice and address their real concerns. To do this we continuously generate fresh ideas by looking beyond education to other disciplines and keeping ourselves autonomous and independent of established institutions.


For information about our online appraisal systems, Appraisal Connector™ and Leadership Reflector™, call Andrew on 021 222 1700 or email acs@interlead.co.nz

Or visit www.interlead.co.nz for details on programmes and workshops currently running in your region.

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