Kaikoura schools prepare to re-open

Post-earthquake inspections of schools in the Kaikoura district have revealed most to be in good shape, and some may even re-open this week, according to the Ministry of Education.

Acting education secretary Katrina Casey said it was up to each school to decide when to reopen, but that engineering checks following last Monday’s 7.8 earthquake had found most schools to be in relatively good shape.

“Two of our staff flew in, along with with two consultant structural engineers. We’ve inspected all six schools and found they are generally in good shape. Those schools are Kaikoura Primary School, St Joseph’s School, Kaikoura High School, Kaikoura Suburban School, Hapuku School and Lynton Downs School. They should be safe to use again once power, sewage and water supply issues are addressed.”

Approximately 470 students attend schools in Kaikoura.

“A generator is being sourced for Kaikoura Suburban School while we co-ordinate with the local marae and other agencies to provide other support to the school community. We are working with the schools in Kaikoura to enable them to reopen as soon as possible.

“We understand staff and students may still be feeling the adverse effects of the earthquake and the aftershocks, so we remain ready to provide advice and support wherever we can.”

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