NZEI calls for greater transparency from Government

SND18-wk1-Transparency-Louise Green 300x225NZEI says the Government needs to be more transparent over its school reform proposals.

National president Louise Green says it is concerning that the Government is looking at far – reaching reforms before it’s had a discussion with schools and their communities about the effect those changes could have on students’ learning.

She says it is vital that any changes to schooling are evidence-based and in the best interests of all children.

“We know the Government is considering wide sweeping changes to the legislation that include the way schools are funded as well as reforms around varying opening hours and principals running several schools.

“But the Government is jumping the gun and we need to have a sector-wide discussion before we consider going down these paths.”

She says it is vital that we have a shared understanding of the purpose of a modern 21st-century education, and how any reforms would support that, before we embark on major system changes.

“The Government has already seen how its policies fail when it tries to implement major change before convincing parents and school communities.

“It needs to remember the lessons learned over its increased class size debacle and its lack of consultation over the controversial $359-million Investing in Educational Success scheme.”

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