Educators invited to share stories on creating healthier food places

SND16-wk1-healthier eating placesA team of researchers based at the University of Auckland says it is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of our nation’s young people.

“Over the next few months we are aware that the Ministry of Health will unveil plans to tackle the issue of childhood obesity and we, as public health researchers, would love to see the government include specific and significant efforts to create healthier food places in New Zealand as part of the plan,” team member Rachel Williamson says.

“In order to raise the profile of this issue we are asking individuals to share stories that they have of successful endeavours to create healthier food places, particularly schools.

“We are specifically asking whether you have organised events or witnessed activities whereby colleagues have made positive, healthy changes in the way that food was prepared, delivered, advertised, or sold to children in educational settings.

“If you or anyone you know has experience with this, please share your story.”

It can be posted on the Foodback website

“Please take the time to share your story of success and inspire others in New Zealand to follow suit,” Ms Williamson says.

“We hope that these stories will help create a positive wave for creating healthier food places, particularly schools, throughout New Zealand.”

You can also follow the group on twitter @ProtectkidsNZ or via Facebook

Rosie Clarke

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