AFS Exchange Scholarships on offer

SND15-wk2-scholarshipsYear 11, 12 and 13 students now have an opportunity to have their exchange paid for with an AFS scholarship.

AFS has a variety of 10 scholarships students can apply for that will help them make their dreams of travelling overseas come true.

“Scholarships are a fantastic boost for students. Being able to have your exchange paid or partially paid for is fantastic,” AFS programme manager Diana Rennie says.

“On top of that we also have employer scholarships for students who have parents working at ANZ, Fletchers and Tenon. We’re extremely grateful to these businesses for supporting AFS and we know the scholarship recipients have amazing experiences.”

2014 scholarship recipient, Robert Falcasantos, currently completing his exchange in France, says his scholarship has given him “a chance to grow, to learn, to evolve, to expand my horizons and most importantly, changed my life”.

AFS believes that supporting students through scholarships is important, as many students need the extra financial assistance.

“Many students raise all of the money themselves, it’s quite amazing they can do it. We have young people who fundraise, work and save really well. Some have parents, who can help support them, but this is not always the case. But to be able to offer some assistance is also fantastic for students,” Ms Rennie says.

Scholarships range from partial support, to full scholarships and interested students can contact Hedi at AFS 0800 600 300 or text 022 639 0560 to find out how to apply.

The AFS website also has an extensive list of other scholarships students can apply for outside of AFS.


Rosie Clarke

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