Plastic Bottle Kayak project to set off this Sunday

SND13-wk4-Plastic Bottle Kayak 300x224The Plastic Bottle Kayak team comprising 12 young innovators and leaders, including singer-songwriter Jamie McDell, will make their way to the Abel Tasman on Sunday where they will make an epic journey with a sustainable message.

The plastic bottle kayaks will be put to the test with thousands of children eagerly following their journey. The world’s first message in a bottle kayaks, each bottle contains artwork and words of support from school children. The messages have been just one component of a wider education programme currently being implemented alongside the curriculum in 33 schools.

Preparing for a ‘waste positive’ adventure means rethinking the choices made at the checkout when shopping for supplies. Snack foods like chips and pre-packaged muesli bars are out, replaced by home baking and bulk bin – and bring your own bag – treats. For the Plastic Bottle Kayak team, becoming a conscious consumer is being part of the solution.

Team co-leader Florence Reynolds says it is our ‘business-as-usual’ approach that is destroying our future.

“If a group of youth can run an adventure that seems impossible and uses waste without generating any, then we are surely able to make easy changes in our personal lives, communities, and political arenas to make sure we have a liveable world for our generation and the next,” she says.

Mr McDell says he is “really excited to be involved in this amazing project”.

“I’m always striving to find ways to educate our younger generation on conservation and The Plastic Bottle Kayak is the perfect way to introduce people into sustainable practices and make it fun and interesting.”

Those interested in following the epic journey can connect with the team on Twitter @bottlekayaknz and find out more using the hashtag #PBKQnA

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