$20,000 on offer in Environmental Curriculum Awards

SND13-wk3-Curriculum Awards 300x225An annual $20,000 fund, which helps fund and recognise Northland schools’ environmental education initiatives, is up for grabs again.

Last year 13 Northland schools received funding from the Northland Regional Council Environmental Curriculum Awards (ECA) for 15 school- ground projects including converting a school to solar power and building mobile kiwi homes.

Council chairman Bill Shepherd says the council had recently sent fliers to 150 Northland schools alerting them to the 2015 awards, with would-be recipients given until 4pm Tuesday, April 28 to make their application.

Councillor Shepherd says to secure award funding, schools need to clearly highlight how their project/s contribute to the sustainable use of Northland’s environment, a key regional council goal.

Each school can apply for a maximum $2000 in Environmental Curriculum Awards’ funding, which must be spent on school-based environmental education projects within school grounds.’

Councillor Shepherd says while the April 28 deadline is still some time off, schools are being urged to file their applications sooner rather than later.

“This helps us avoid a last- minute rush that can slow application processing times.”

He says since its inception in 1995, more than 16,000 Northland students have been involved in ECA-supported projects. Even after 20 years the council continued to be surprised and pleased by the imagination behind – and scope of – the environmental education projects involved.

Application forms can be downloaded from the council’s website: (The website also includes details of previous award winners and their projects.)

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