Questions raised over special needs students missing from Partnership schools

qpec logo 300x225Quality Public Education Coalition (QPEC) is questioning whether Partnership schools are meeting the needs of high-needs students.

Spokesperson Liz Gordon says it was revealed in the House last Thursday that no Partnership/charter school has any high needs students on the roll, leaving the state schools in those areas to grapple with the most challenging students.

“It appears that these schools have found ways to cream off the best students among high needs groups, leaving the rest for state schools to tackle.

“QPEC has been tracking charter schools internationally for years, and one of the clearest trends is that children with disabilities are discouraged from attending charter schools,” Ms Gordon says.

We predicted that this would happen with Partnership Schools in New Zealand too. QPEC is opposed to charter schools in New Zealand because there is not a jot of evidence that they are effective in educating our highest-needs children.

“The Minister now apparently agrees. In putting the next Partnership School round on hold, she is indicating a failing faith in the model. This, in particular, is a slap in the face for Undersecretary David Seymour, whose sole justification for being in Parliament is to oversee the implementation of charter schools.”

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