Online tool maps information matrix in classroom

SND04-Wk1-NEWS-Twingl 300x225An online educational tool called Trailblazer, which is the first product produced by Twing’l, aims to assist students and teachers to get more out of the education process by creating maps of online behaviour.

Trailblazer enables students and teachers to build a cloud-based portfolio of resources by collating all their online information in one place.

Already collaborating with schools on a prototype product, Twingl is aiming to open up the process of learning to both sides of the learning equation. By tracking online learning and research behaviours, the effect is to amplify the trail of information for students to enhance research skills and for teachers to understand how lessons are being interpreted.

Founding CEO Andy Wilkinson says in a learning environment Trailblazer can highlight who is struggling and who can help whom. “If 90 per cent of the students are stopping at Wikipedia and 10 per cent are going really deep, visibility of this can drive how the teacher personalises the learning.”

As a result of Google for Education pushing technology into classrooms globally, over 5000 schools are now using Chromebooks.

“With Twingl’s primary product engineered to empower students like these, the potential for widespread application goes far beyond education,” Mr Wilkinson said.

“We’re launching into this sector because of the energy and momentum already happening and the size of the market, which compounds our potential but speaks equally to the impact we can have by driving positive change into classrooms.”

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