Health & Safety

Using mindfulness to reduce your stress levels

Teaching is as challenging as it is rewarding – there is a myriad of stressors to deal with in the classroom so it’s vital that all teachers have the skills not only to teach well, but to look after their own wellbeing so they can better cope when things get tough.

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Teacher wellbeing: a cost or an investment?

Teaching is a great profession of talented, skilled, innovative, curious, industrious and fun people. If we want them to deliver a high quality service to our young people for years to come, then we must invest in their wellbeing and wellness.

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Staying sane when your workload is crazy

While much of the population seems to be under the impression that teachers work six-hour days and have masses of holidays, the reality is that many in the profession are buckling under the strain of long hours and heavy workloads.

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Skipping to fitness and funding

Entering the Jump Rope for Heart programme was a win-win for Havelock North Primary last year. The school was looking for new ways to increase PE participation and regular exercise for the children, while working towards a much-needed upgrade of the school's sports equipment. The Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart programme ticked all the boxes.

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First aid courses train teachers to keep students safe

SND21-wk2-First Aid courses1

Safety in the workplace has increasingly come under the spotlight over recent times, following some serious, even fatal accidents, and new health and safety legislation due to come into force within a few weeks is aimed at reducing accidents and making work environments safer.

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