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Health & Safety

Skipping to fitness and funding

Entering the Jump Rope for Heart programme was a win-win for Havelock North Primary last year. The school was looking for new ways to increase PE participation and regular exercise for the children, while working towards a much-needed upgrade of the school's sports equipment. The Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart programme ticked all the boxes.

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First aid courses train teachers to keep students safe

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Safety in the workplace has increasingly come under the spotlight over recent times, following some serious, even fatal accidents, and new health and safety legislation due to come into force within a few weeks is aimed at reducing accidents and making work environments safer.

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Specialist flooring essential in schools

Polysafe Ultima

Few establishments would warrant the wide variety of flooring surfaces required by schools. From comfortably carpeted areas designed for relaxation to wet tiled areas surrounding swimming pools, schools need a particular surface for nearly every usage.

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Fume cupboards must be maintained to safety Standard

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The Building Act 2004 uses laboratory fume cupboards as an example of equipment, which must be included in the compliance schedule for building warrant of fitness. This means that the building owner is responsible to have scheduled items tested and certified annually. For fume cupboards the reference Standard for testing …

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In-school training provides vital first aid skills

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First aid training in schools is provided for two key reasons – firstly, to train teachers so the school meets the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment’s Health & Safety guidelines; secondly, to give students important life skills to take with them when they leave school and put into practice …

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