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Food & Beverage

Online ordering a boon for busy tuck shops

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A long-standing institution in most New Zealand schools, the school canteen or tuck shop can be a lifesaver for busy parents who can find it difficult to prepare lunches for their children every day. Parents know the tuck shop will be able to cater for their children’s lunch and snack …

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Healthy school lunches foster good eating habits for life

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Over recent months, concerns have been increasingly raised about the foods New Zealand children are eating. Questions are being asked by experts in the field about whether children are getting too much of the unhealthy variety and not enough of the high-nutrition foods they need both to grow and develop, …

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Care needed with drinking water

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Fortunately, New Zealand schools are largely free of some of the risks that affect schools in many other countries. We have adequate rainfall and stringent government health standards.

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School lunches go online

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Online shopping is fast becoming the new normal for many New Zealanders, according to recent research, so it’s probably not surprising that purchasing school lunches online is being added to the list. As parents, teachers, school administrators and pupils realise the ease and convenience of ordering lunches online, the service …

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