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Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom

Connecting students with the wider world

Whether it’s as simple as a walk around the local town centre or as elaborate as a night at the opera, school trips are an opportunity for students to make connections between what they have learnt in the classroom and the wider world.

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Getting outta class on a virtual field trip

Virtual field trips allow your students to explore and experience many places and events that they couldn’t otherwise access. Whether your class is studying Māori culture, Antarctica, or the life of a ballerina, there is a virtual trip to get your students up close to the action.

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International school trips: worth the hassle?

Choosing the right destination, creating the itinerary, organising fundraisers, hosting parent information evenings - yes, overseas educational tours are a lot of work. But ask any student - or teacher - who has been on one and they will tell you what an exceptional experience it was.

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Bringing the wider world into your school

These days, schools open their doors to all sorts of wonderful and exciting visitors - authors, illustrators, All Blacks, singers and emergency workers to name but a few. And it can be a lot more simple - and economical - than taking students out on a trip.

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Using community connections to raise resilient kids

Excessive use of technology can cause us to disconnect from ourselves, from knowing who we are and how to relate to those around us. Given that we cannot stem the digital tide, it has become increasingly important to be mindful about making and maintaining physical connections.

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