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Transforming the school library for innovative learning

The joy of reading is something that stays with someone for life and for many, this joy has its roots in the school library. Reading for pleasure is also inextricably linked with higher achievement and social mobility, making the school library a place of great importance in a child’s life.

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Teachers’ relief at scrapping of bulk funding proposal

NZEI president Louise Green and PPTA president Angela Roberts say taking bulk funding off the table is a big win for public education and for the thousands of teachers and school support staff who united in unprecedented numbers at more than 50 union meetings around the country in September.

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How to choose a multifunctional printer

The printer is a key piece of equipment in any organisation; a high quality model can allow staff to maximise productivity while an unreliable printer causes disruption and delay. In a school, where efficiency is everything, choosing a printer is a very important decision.

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