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Anna Clements

Anna Clements is the School News print and digital editor. She has a background in journalism spanning 25 years across newspapers, magazines and television, and spent six years working as an editorial advisor to a group of ECE centres.

Tuning into the value of music in school

As you walk into St Mary’s College on a Thursday morning, you can hear music wafting across the historic grounds. This is the sound of a school where music holds great importance; for three hours each week, other lessons are set aside and students gather in choirs and ensembles to practice, and to uphold the school’s long tradition of musical excellence.

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Financial literacy teaching “outdated”

With the use of cash declining and cashless, contactless payments on the rise, it makes no sense that our children are still using toy coins and notes to practice maths in school, according to Wellington-based financial educator Dean Blair.

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First zero net energy school reflects on lessons learned

Pegasus Bay School, a full primary 25 km north of Christchurch, is a thoroughly modern institution. The first Canterbury school to be built post-earthquake, it is a slick-looking collection of airy teaching spaces where students choose between collaborative or quiet areas, and use equipment powered by solar energy.

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